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6 Tips for Insta Business Page Posts

Who are you targeting? Think about where your audience is. FB is becoming a place for ‘boomers’ and Insta is where ‘millennials’ live. Stop discounting ‘millennials’ because you need them to be successful! This group is made of the generation born between 1981 and 1996. That means that in 2020 the oldest millennial is 39 and the youngest is turning 24 years old. These people are most likely out of college, working, and should be on your radar no matter what industry you are in (unless you are selling walkers or adult diapers … then don’t worry about catching the millennials).

1. Find your audience and target them

  • Don’t just find them, follow them (not in the creepy way just click follow), interact with them and build IG relationships.
  • What do I mean? Search hashtags related to your business/industry/area and follow those pages, comment on their stuff and watch them start following and interacting with you.  

2. #usehashtags

  • Its all about the # on IG – Search hashtags related to your business and location and follow some of them.
  • # your posts with related tags that get a lot of traffic (people search by the # and your post will show up in that tag feed = more views and follows. Ex: #abilenetx #traveltx #mobilehomesoftx #dealsonwheels #countryhome #farmhousestyle
  • Create # for your business that will be ‘catchy’. Ex: #ccrvfamily #clearcreekrvs #a-1isnumber1 #a1homesvictoria #shannonsellshouses #sellwithshannon #theswankyhenhome

3. Make it PRETTY

  • Insta is all about how pretty the pic in that little square is. It must be engaging, relevant, and visually appealing.
  • Use high quality images – find some editing software on your phone and make your photos pretty. You never want to share grainy or dark photos. Make sure they are bright, sleek & beautiful!

4. Write an AWESOME Bio

  • People are going to decide if they like you in a few seconds, this is a short space where you can make a big impact. This is going to be the 1st thing someone sees when they click on your profile, please make it count!
  • You need to say a little bit about who you are, find a way to make it appealing to your audience, and connect with your community (family owned, Texas Proud, etc).

5. Include a Link

  • Understand that the ONLY place you can share a clickable link on IG is in the BIO!! Huge facepalm every time I see someone sharing a link in their description … doesn’t work, folks!
  • You want to drive the traffic to your homepage … right? Duh
  • In the beginning use it to lead them to your website
  • As you develop and get more savvy – use this space to send your audience to a specific piece of content (has to be done regularly)
  • If you are really savvy – use this link to send followers to a landing page where they can find different content to click on

6. Use Your Stories

  • At first you might think that this is useless, but its not. People, especially millennials LOVE IG stories. Yes, they disappear after 24 hours, but they can increase your engagement, visibility, and its another place to share content.
  • You can stay at the top of your customers mind with these regular shares – they don’t have to be super wow! Just be regular, fun, and diverse.
  • Real-Time Y’all – reach your people in the right moment! Live sale, promos, live event, new arrivals – help people that aren’t there feel ‘in the moment’.
  • Have fun here – this doesn’t have to be perfect, experiment!

This information is intended to help you increase your traffic and be more successful in the social realm. These are things that I have learned and studied over the past 8 years. I don’t have a degree in marketing, but I have a few certifications, years of experience and am constantly researching and learning. I am not an expert and I do not have all the answers. This is just free advice. I do have a degree in psychology (I only studied that for 4 years and they gave me a piece of paper for it). I feel a lot better giving you marketing advice than advising you on you psychological well being. Remember that things are always changing, and you must change with the platforms to stay relevant and be successful. Work smarter, not harder. Maximize your following and see how the success of organic posts will lower your dollar cost on paid ads. If you have content that you really want eyes on, spend money. Always keep in mind what you like to see on social platforms, what different generations like to see and how you need to build content to target different age groups and consumers. Good luck!