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4 Tips for Facebook Business Page Posts

Social media is always changing. This is a constantly evolving space that you must learn to conquer to be successful. Study your followers, page traffic and how the entire space is evolving. Facebook is constantly adding more tools to make the business page more friendly for less savvy users. At least once a quarter take the time to research current trends. A quick google search will lead you to a plethora of information. Always read the most up to date articles and follow trends. Even with this you can read 4 studies that will tell you 4 different results about the best time to post. My research and data from the housing, RV, and homestyle industries have led me to the following conclusions. I always suggesting starting your marketing program and studying your own audience to uncover the “best” time to post. (aka: look at the data on page manager) We need to flip the conversation from the ‘best time to post’ to focusing on the best time for YOUR BRAND to post. Study the competition (look at who is killing it on social in your industry – when are there posts scheduled and when do they get the most amount of traffic, what are they posting).

1. When you post is IMPORTANT! Schedule, Schedule, Schedule!!!

  • Consider the FB algorithm and understand that organic interaction drives the success of your page. (but we get less organic everyday … FB puts “meaningful” 1st with their last algorithm update)
  • Wednesday is historically the best day to post, specifically mid-day. (mid-week slump goofing off at work)
  • Sunday is the WORST day to post. It historically has the least engagement. (Sunday-Funday … aka not stuck at work)
  • Peak times = LUNCH Breaks (#1 time for B2C) MORNING Scroll – Right after people get to work (get to work stop playing on FB) END of Day (4-5pm goofing off again) BEFORE BED (think about when you are mindlessly scrolling … other people probably are too)

If you are arbitrarily throwing posts onto FB you are wasting your time (and possibly great content). Your data will tell you when the best time to schedule is, follow the data. The page manager is full of insights (click the insights tab and study) that will help you be successful. FB wants your marketing campaigns to be successful, so they provide the tools to help. If you are more successful = you spend more $ in their space.

2. One, Two, Three … then Sell to Me – AKA: Make this fun!

  • Content is everything! You are here to sell something, but people don’t want to be sold.
  • Try to make only every 4th post sales related
  • Get creative, follow trends, make the experience about the lifestyle of the consumer
  • Every post does not need to be related to your business.

3. Be Relevant – This isn’t scientific, but it will lead to success!

  • Do you want more organic traffic on your 4th post (aka sales post) then gain momentum with relevant shares, posts, videos, etc.
  • What is trending? Cat memes, football, cute kids … I can show you hundreds of posts on business pages I have managed they get hundreds of organic likes, shares, etc. Then I follow this momentum with something beneficial (product info, RIPL of a specific home/model) and watch the organic traffic that builds off of the fun/relevant post ahead. AMAZING to watch!

4. Sell the Lifestyle before the Product

  • People want to see themselves in your product – not just some sleezy sales video (sorry old timers)
  • Create relationships with past customers – have them send you photos of them enjoying the product & share
  • Look for unique shots of your product – share beautiful images with short info blurbs or a fun message
  • Share vlogs from consumers using your products (just make sure they aren’t plugging someone else in the video)
  • Consider your audience and what THEY want to see
  • Age of consumer = interested in different things, schedule posts targeting them at times they are on. Ex: Product demo for a “boomer” feature specific or Walk through with style – lifestyle in mind “millennial” minded
  • When you must get “salesy” keep it light. Price point ads get traffic, but beautiful photos/videos of products might get even more.

This information is intended to help you increase your traffic and be more successful in the social realm. These are things that I have learned and studied over the past 8 years. Remember that things are always changing, and you must change with the platforms to stay relevant and be successful. Work smarter, not harder. Maximize your organic reach and see how the success of organic posts will lower your dollar cost on paid ads. If you have content that you really want eyes on, spend money. Always keep in mind what you like to see on social platforms, what different generations like to see and how you need to build content to target different age groups and consumers. Good luck!

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