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Remodel Chronicles Vol 1

Looking back, I can’t pinpoint what it was that made me say yes to this house. We had looked at so many places and nothing was working. This place had all we “needed” in the house and bonus … the land. We weren’t sure that land would be in the budget, but with this place we were able to make it work. I’m still not sure we should have because its so much work, but I am sure that once the work is done, we will be thankful for the beautiful 23 acres.

Overall the house was in good shape, but it needed some updates. I knew I wanted to update paint, flooring, and light fixtures, but there were also some bigger problems to tackle.

First was the kitchen. Whew … it was little. My main goal was to open the space, bring in some light, and create an area where I could enjoy cooking and spending time with my family. That meant taking down a wall. Opening the space completely changed the house. After we removed the wall (not as easy as it looks on TV) I updated the counter tops, added an overhang to allow seating at the new island, added shiplap, open shelving, and new facing on all cabs and drawers. I went with light and natural tones to try and keep it bright. Removing the wall meant losing lots of uppers so we built a large corner shelf to make up for the loss. The focal point of the kitchen is by far the vent hood cover. It is exactly what I wanted and turned out perfectly. I love the space we were able to create and the changes we made.


The guest bath was also in need of some love. It had been updated, but it was dark and not for me. We removed the dark wall tile and added some light shiplap. I updated the vanity and added some new fixtures to create a space that was more our style. I love this sweet little bathroom and that’s a good thing because the master bathroom is still in progress …

We love the way the house is turning out and still have a list of things to accomplish. I met with a new contractor this week to discuss the finishing touches. This project took a lot longer than expected due to a plethora of challenges, but slowly it is becoming home.


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