Sweat. Sawdust. Therapy.


I never imagined myself working with tools and getting filthy for enjoyment, much less therapy. The shop is just that. Shop Time = My Time. Almost a year ago we made the final decision to sell our home. We started remodeling and working really hard on the place. We didn’t put the place on the market until this year, but I had to start cleaning out my shop, my “junk” and making everything neat for showings. A little piece of my died not being able to work on my stuff!! I haven’t regularly worked in the shop in almost a year!!! When homes need staging and I have the opportunity to create, I jump at it, but time hasn’t allowed for me to generate larger inventories or have booth’s. 😦


We have taken our home off of the market and changed our plans a bit, which means … I can be a little messy again!! I still don’t have time to work up a full inventory or fill a booth, but I am going to get dirty in the shop ASAP!! I am going to be working on some fall and winter decor for myself and some things for family as well. I also have another house I will be staging in the next month or so.

staging swanky

Fun Fall DIY’s Coming Soon! I can’t wait to get into the shop!!!!

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