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FAMILY TIME!!! Life has been chaos since Hurricane Harvey. Most of the time I think my life is a hot mess, but since the storm, it is just pure craziness!!! (Side note: we were super blessed and didn’t suffer major damages. Our lives are still a mess.)

My husband works all the time and I am used to that. We are blessed in the fact that I can drag my kids to our office so they can see Daddy and we have a great team that tolerates their visits and occasional noise. Since Harvey we have gone from having Jason work a lot to having Jason work all the time. Usually 6 days a week he is home after the boys are in bed and we just don’t see him a lot. Even when he isn’t in the office working, he is meeting with insurance adjusters, meeting with customers, past customers, doing site inspections, and the list goes on. He’s just in high demand and there is only 1 Jason. Unfortunately right now, we don’t get a lot of him.

Last weekend we were a little shorthanded, but we still decided to make our annual trip to College Station for the All Aggie Rodeo. We really needed it this year. Jason roped GREAT, especially considering we just got horses back south a week prior and he rode them once. He won 3rd in the Open TR.

2017 aggie game On a weekend when we probably needed to rest a little, we decided to go ALL OUT! We took the boys to their first Midnight Yell on Friday. All Aggie Rodeo on Saturday afternoon & Aggie Game on Saturday night. Church with friends on Sunday, a beautiful baby dedication, and lunch before we left. Cannon was a little tired, but had a blast. Caden absolutely loved everything!!!!!! He wants to go back to another Aggie game as soon as we can and went ahead and put in a request for Aggie Baseball or Football tickets for his birthday. He’s already bleeding maroon!! Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2033 coming at ya! Cannon’s favorite parts were the popcorn, lemonade, and pizza! Caden’s favorite parts were learning about the Corps of Cadets, Aggie Band, Aggie Football, and the Yell Leaders!! He loved yelling BTHO South Carolina!!! We talked about only using that word inside Kyle Field. Hopefully he remembers 😉

All in all, it was a great weekend!!!! I am so glad we took the time to step away and have some family time!! It was needed by all!! Huge thanks to our sweet friends, The Herrmann’s for letting our family, dogs, and horses stay at their place. We love and miss y’all so much! Thanks to the Walsh’s for hanging with us at midnight yell, the rodeo, and the game! We always have a blast with y’all! At the age’s of 4 and 6 we have made our college destination decisions. The Calkins’ Boys will be members of the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Class of 2033 and 2036! Did you think we would have it any other way???

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