Mr. Fox

My life is never normal. I doubt yours is either, but I like to keep things real and my real life is real weird! In my previous social media addicted life, this story would have instantly been shared for all to read, but things are changing ‘roud here, y’all!

We had a FUN FAMILY weekend and it was amazing!! So great to be unplugged and share later. (I will make a post about our All Aggie Rodeo weekend  and my taking my guys to their first Aggie Football Game later…ish)

mr fox.jpgAfter our amazing Aggie weekend we were blessed to attend the baby dedication of our dear friends daughter. On the way we met Mr. Fox.

This little guy ran out in front of us on a busy road in Caldwell, Texas. He was lost, running through traffic, and we were afraid he was going to get hit. No tags, but a collar & as cute as pie!! I assumed we would use social media to locate his owner and have him returned before we left … wrong!

A sweet friend helped me get him posted on some local social media buy, sell, trades & we waited for someone to claim him. By 4pm we had nothing & it was time to head south.

Mr. Fox came home with us and I planned to drive him back whenever his owners spoke up. Hello???? Owners?? Are you there???? We called him Mr. Fox because he only hit my husbands radar due to the fact that he looked like a little fox running through the road.

He’s been with us 4 days now and I am giving up hope that anyone is looking for him, but we are taking care of him while we can. We can’t keep him, but I couldn’t let him get hit by a car & I feel responsible for finding him a good home. You can see how high maintenance and awful he is … totally kidding. He is a DOLL!!!! He loves my kids, loves my dogs, loves cats, not so sure about horses, loves to play, and really like to poop on the floor. (Keepin’ it real) I am working with him, but he needs someone that can be consistent and house train him! He loves to be inside and is already sitting and has pretty good manners!! It’s obvious that he just hasn’t been given the training and time to properly house train, but he will get there!

Here come’s the best part!! My husband always worries that my boys or I are going to get attached and throw a fit to keep one of the babies we rescue off the road. (If you know me, this isn’t my first rodeo. I won’t leave a dog running in the road.) I know we can’t have another dog right now and I don’t have the time that a dog in need of training needs either, but who wouldn’t love this face?? I got a little worried myself that my boys were going to get too attached to this sweet faced boy!

Looking a little attached, right?? So right after this picture was taken I say, “guys, you know we have to find Mr. Fox a home if we can’t find his owner, he can’t stay with us”. My little hustler looks at me while still holding the adorable Mr. Fox and says, “yeah Mom, I told Mila I have a cute dog for her, but he costs 10 bucks! I mean, this dog is worth some money, we can’t give him away for free!”. He was 500% serious! We makin’ some money off this guy!! lol. His Daddy was proud, his sales genetics were passed down another generation. My mom-brain is all worried he’s gonna be sad when we have to return him to his owner or find him a new home and his little money making heart is seeing profit potential??????????
mr fox caden

For any concerned hearts, Mr. Fox will find a loving home and I explained to my oldest that we can’t “make money” off of this sweet boy. He’s a natural born salesman, he started feature benefiting Hardie Siding around age 3. I don’t know what God has planned for him, but I’m sure it’s big!





I hope y’all had a great weekend!! We are glad we got to keep Mr. Fox safe and be a little part of his life. For all of the bad out there, I wanted to share a bit of funny in my chaotic life. This is also your weekly reminder that my 6 year old will grow up to max advance his mother. He just tried to sell a stray dog to an adorable 6 year old girl for $10 because he’s sure the dog is worth the money. I’d say you can hire him, but we need the sales help!

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