I’m here to be real.

What is life if it isn’t real? I love Jesus, I’m a wife, a hot mess mommy to two wild boys, and a conqueror of chaos. Most of all, I am unapologetically ME. If you aren’t looking for someone that is real, raw, and vulnerable … run away now!  In addition to wrangling crazy kiddos, I take care of our home, property and animals. I have worked in digital marketing and all things “social” for almost a decade. (not sure where the time has gone) We moved to Northwest TX near the end of 2018 and since then there has been a lot of change. I’m not a fan of change and especially surprises, but that is what I was handed, and I have been navigating those waters since. It’s not always pretty and most days I am still figuring it all out, but I think that is true for a lot of us rather we admit it or not. Years ago, I discovered that I love working on furniture face-lifts, coming up with creative and functional home design and décor plans and taking properties that you just can’t imagine living in and making them something special. I used to exercise this creative muscle through home staging and building projects. I still enjoy those things but get to do a lot less of it these days.  The Swanky Hen is my therapy and an escape from the craziness that is real life. It keeps me sane…ish. I’m here to share life, to be honest, to talk homestyle, home décor, real estate, remodel, marketing, motherhood, wifehood, all the hoods. Let’s all be honest, be real, spread love and light … and complain a little when we need to. xoxo